Cold Buster Week: Teriyaki Chicken Udon Soup

The past two weeks either hubby or I have been sick so that is what inspired me with this week’s theme!Cold Buster Week
Last week since Hubby was sick and I was beginning to feel under the weather, so I decided to make this impromptu recipe.

Teriyaki Chicken Udon

I will apologize in advance for not having pictures. Again like I said it was impromptu, but since it was hubby approved I thought I’d share. First and foremost this was one of the fastest meals ever. Super quick, simple, and easy… you can’t beat that.

4-5 cups of water
4 Chicken tenderloins
2 Packages of Udon noodles
1 1/2 cups of Mr.Yoshida Marinade (or teriyaki marinade of your choice)
4 tbs. of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (or 2-3 tbs. of soy sauce or soy sauce substitute)
1tbs. of Bouilon (or 1 canĀ  of Chicken or Beef Broth)
2 Hard Boiled Eggs
Green Onion

1. I marinated my chicken in the teriyaki sauce and start boiling eggs in a small pot.
2. Once my chicken was marinated for about an hour I pan fried it in the pot I was going to make the soup in. I pan fried it in a little of bit of cooking spray until it was brown. (I pan fried in high heat both sides in a stainless steel pot for about 2 minutes then cover – this ensured moist chicken tenderloins).
3. Once chicken is done, I remove it from the pot and let it rest on a plate (this is an important step to let the juices get absorbed in the chicken).
4. There will be left over residue from the chicken, this is what will give your broth some good flavor! I then poured my water into a pot and brought it to a boil, then added in my Bouilon. I also add the remainder of my teriyaki marinade into the pot along with my Bragg’s Liquid Amino. Also add in 1/2 cup of chopped green onion.
5. Once your broth has been boiled and brought to a simmer, add in your udon noodles and cover pot. Let cook for about 5 minutes (if frozen), if not frozen about 3 minutes or until tender.
6. As my udon is cooking I start slicing my chicken, and egg.
7. Once udon noodles are cooked, serve in a bowl and top with chicken and egg, then garnish with some left over green onion.
(You can totally add veggies to this soup like carrots, bok choy, or whatever you prefer I just didn’t have any in my fridge at the time.)

Here is a photo of the Bragg’s Liquid Amino that I use.liquid aminos Some of you may wonder why I use this… I use it in place of soy sauce as an alternative. I noticed that the sodium intake of using soy sauce is significantly high. I switched to liquid aminos and I personally love the flavor. As you can imagine since it is an alternative it is lighter and the taste isn’t as over powering, which is perfect for us. Now do I still use soy sauce? Yes, I have to in some Filipino dishes but if I can avoid using it in other dishes I substitute for liquid aminos.

Hope you enjoy this quick and simple one pot Chicken Teriyaki Udon Soup! Hope it helps you fight off that sicky bug! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on my secret on how to sleep tight even with a cold!

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