COLD BUSTER WEEK: How To Sleep Tight Even With a Cold

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So sorry I wasn’t able to post yesterday, but as promised here are my tips on how to get a good nights rest even with a cold. I don’t know about you but I have been guilty in the past of guzzling down some NyQuil just in order to get some sort of rest while I was sick. I will tell you that what I am about to share with you gives you a more restful and satisfying rest, and yes, even while having a cold.

1. The regiment starts with a nice warm shower or bath. While I am sick I love to take that nice warm shower and I scrub my body with the loofa and some body wash. I like to scrub harder than usual to really just get my pores opened and feeling fresh.

2. I warm up some hot water and make myself a cup of my Trader Joe’s Ginger Peach White Tea. Then I like to add 1tbs. of honey. This step really just soothes my throat, especially with a sore throat. I choose some sort of ginger tea as ginger has some healing properties. Sometimes I steep 2 bags of teas; one ginger and one peppermint (for that extra soothing feeling). Chamomile works well too as it helps relax you.

3. This step is my BFF! This substitutes for my use of NyQuil and Vicks. I rub this Eucalyptus Spearmint oil that I got from Bath & Body Works. I rub it on my chest, my back, my neck (and if I’m lucky get in a free back rub from the hubby). I also put some on my wrist and on my temples on my head. Then I even really try my best to inhale the scent of the oil through my nose as best as I can (this is where the oil on the wrist becomes handy). I am asthmatic and this step has really alleviated me from using my nebulizer (breathing treatment). You will start to feel your chest and lungs tingle a little but it is the best soothing tingling feeling (especially when you are sick). Eucalyptus relaxes you as the Spearmint soothes your chest and lungs.

4. If you have a humidifier, turn that puppy on!

5. Lastly, when I have a cold I prop myself up a little higher than usual with pillows as I sleep. I find that this allows me to be able to breathe better and keep the mucous from getting stuck in my throat.

This is what helps me sleep and rest so nicely when I am sick. I don’t want to knock people who use NyQuil or Vicks, but recently I have found myself wanting to try more natural ways to remedy a common cold. And from time to time yes NyQuil and Vicks are necessary but if I can avoid it I try to as much as I can. Since adapting this regiment I have found myself more rested, and not groggy at all. Give it a try the next time you are sick and let me know! Sleep tight!

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Cold Buster Week

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