Brussel Sprout Pesto Pasta

Brussel Sprout Pesto Pasta

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today I wanted to share this quick and easy recipe. Hubby and I have been crazy about brussel sprouts lately (especially roasted ones)! I had left over brussel sprouts from last week and thought it would be good to pair it up with Kielbasa sausages. I figured there are all these recipes of brussel sprouts with bacon, so why not with kielbasa sausages!

Brussel Sprouts
Kielbasa Sausages
Garlic (we love garlic so I put half a clove).
Oil (of your choice)
Pasta (or your choice)
1tbs. of Butter

1. First I started by prepping my ingredients (rinsing and cutting brussel sprouts in half, chopping the kielbasa sausages, dicing onions, and chopping the garlic). Boil pasta (al dente).
2. Saute Kielbasa sausages and onions in a little bit of oil.
3. Remove sausages and onion from pan then saute your brussel sprouts in high heat (I like them borderline charred).
4. Remove brussel sprouts, then in the same pan add in your garlic, butter, and pesto (I used about 5 tbs).
5. Add in your pasta once the garlic isĀ  cooked and stir it well to fully coat your pasta with the pesto. I believe I may have added a little more pesto afterwards (add as much as you’d like to your liking).
6. Then you can serve your pasta and top it with your sausage sprout mixture. Or you can toss it all in the pan and mix it all up!

Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as my hubby and I did! It is quick, easy, and truthfully I did it all using one pot. That is my kind of dinner… quick, easy, and minimal clean up!

{Side Note}
Hubby has a rating system based on taste, quantity, and cost. He said this meal was a 9! That is a high score if you ask me!

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