Hello Beautiful is Back! – Oil Pulling

Hello everyone! Today to continue our Hello Beautiful series and to debut it here for it’s first time I would like to introduce you all to Oil Pulling!oil pulling I know it sounds a bit bizarre, but don’t knock it until you try it!

[What is it?] 

It is an ancient practice of swishing oil in your mouth for about 20 mins. to pull out toxins from your body.

[What are the benefits?] 

You will be quite surprised as the list is fairly long.Benefits of Oil Pulling

[What oil to use?] 

I use Organic Coconut Oil from Trader Joe’s

[How do you do Oil Pulling?] 

Take about a teaspoon to a tablespoon of oil and put it in your mouth. Then for 20 minutes you will be swishing your oil around in your mouth. I swish and make sure it goes through my teeth and also make sure I gargle it in the back of my mouth.

[Any Oil Pulling tricks?] 

  • Set your alarm or timer for 20 minutes (not your stop watch, the anticipation will kill you)
  • Put on a 30 minute show while you are oil pulling
  • Or pull while you are doing a small taks (ie. folding laundry, answering emails, washing dishes, etc.)
  • Obviously don’t pull at a time which will require you to talk
  • Don’t spit your oil down the sink, instead in the trash

What introduced me to oil pulling was my search for a natural remedy for gum inflammation. I had just got dental work done and my gums were just super sensitive and irritated from the dental work. So I researched and came across oil pulling. Withing my first try I had already seen a significant difference, the inflammation in my gums were instantaneously gone! Since then as I’ve learned of all the benefits of oil pulling I haven’t stopped. I also have TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) and I truly feel like oil pulling has reduced my symptoms significantly.

Hope you try it and please let me know how your Oil Pulling experience was!

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