REPURPOSE-DIY: lace cowl

If you are a Make It Cozee follower you may have already seen this post as this tutorial was featured there. It’s an oldie but goodie and truthfully one of my most favorite tutorials. It is way too good to pass up!lace cowl

As this cowl below was very pretty and beautifully made by Sweet Verbena, this specific tutorial had the cowl attached to the tee. I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit a specific cowl to a tee. I like flexibility and I mix match quite a bit, so I took the concept of a lace cowl and ran with it and made it my own. So here we go…

Cowl Neck tee

Step 1: Look for lace. I have quite a bit of white lace on hand but wanted one with a little pop… So I dove into my big box of fabric scraps (basically a collection of clothes that have stains that wouldn’t come off or a rip that wasn’t worth repairing). Then I found this… lace skirtThis skirt had a rip that wouldn’t be able to be repaired for me to wear as a skirt anymore.

Step 2: Seam Ripper (not Grim Reaper) This skirt had a lining and a zipper, so I had to remove it…lace skirt2

Step 3: Stitch it up! Once the lining and the zipper was removed I sewed together the slits where the zipper was and the other slit the skirt had. I also sewed together the waist. It had a black ribbon, I left it so that it could hold the lace together and also work as a weight since that will be the (hidden) neckline of the cowl.lace skirt3
Step 4: Tada! All done! Now I just have to wear it around my neck! I needed to arrange it to where that black ribbon is indeed hidden. The skirt had scallops at the bottom and so I like to arrange the cowl to show off that elegant detail.

Hope you enjoyed this reupose-DIY tutorial! I am sure this would be fun with any skirt you’re ready to retire!

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