Blogger Bliss: July ~ A New Beginning!

Hello Everyone!
As I always say I apologize for my absence. But since my last post a lot has happened. I finally (after years of prayer), am doing what I love to do. I accepted a full time teaching position! It is still all so surreal! The interview process was intense, I walked out of the interview already feeling ok if I wasn’t offered a position. At the time I interviewed they received about 500 applicants, screen interviewed 300 for only about 20 positions. I thought to myself no way, especially as others had experience in Common Core and I hadn’t really. Long story short I got the job!


I am beyond excited and still have to pinch myself! But from the time I found out up until now I had been working at a Summer Program that I have been teaching at for over 7 years (I think) now. I taught 2nd grade and an Art elective.

Art Class Collage

Now summer program is done for me, I am now in transition to my new teaching position. I will be teaching…


So in result of my new job some of you may have questions or may have already asked me…

What does this mean for the blog?
I will still be blogging but probably not as often as I’d like to but I will continue to blog as time permits, because not only will I be teaching but also clearing my credential.

Will the content of the blog change?
YES and NO. Yes, because a lot of what I blog has a lot to do with what I do and my interest. So I will most likely be blogging about teaching stuff, however I haven’t decided if I will start a separate blog for that or just a separate page (since the types of readers I will attract will obviously be different). NO, because although what I will be doing work wise will be different it doesn’t mean that I stop being me (which is what this blog is about). I still will be wearing make-up, fixing my hair, doing my nails, cooking, etc. However, I might not be crafting as much.

But stay tuned for the adventure! There will be a lot of adjustments in my life over the next few months, but I appreciate your patience thus far. I will say that there are a few products that I will be reviewing soon, so stay tuned for that!

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Did I mention one of the highlights of my summer?
jlin lakersJeremy Lin will now be playing for the Los Angeles Lakers!!! Ahhhh! Remember how Hubby and I went to a Laker game and the Lakers were playing against the Houston Rockets and I was screaming my heart out for Jeremy Lin and not the Lakers… Well now my loyalties can lie in one place!

I know it is a bit early but I will have this be my Blogger Bliss…


Bloggers Bliss – May

I cannot believe how fast time is flying by… I feel like I say that every month but it is true! Time flies! Nonetheless I am happy to share my month of May with you (although it all feels like a blur). It has been eventful with hospital visits, baby showers, birthdays, you name it!


For starters one of the reasons why May has been a crazy month is because Hubby &I have been in and out of the hospital. Friends and family have been at near death experiences. Once one is out of the hospital we get a phone call informing us someone else is in the hospital. One of the people who was in the hospital was sweet baby Adriel. Yup, he was the baby that was born last month that I featured in last month’s Blogger’s Bliss. I am glad to report that he is now home after being the hospital for 14 days. And all of our other friends and family that were in the hospital are now home as well.
I had the honor of putting a baby shower together for my nephew James (who should be born within the next week or so). It was so much fun and a great excuse to be creative! Their baby shower theme was woodland. It was super cute and a LOT of work! But it was so worth it! Here is a sneak peak, I will be blogging more details within a week.IMG_4192
(not my favorite)
Well as a result of working so hard and not listening to my body when it was telling me that “if you don’t sit down your feet will fall off” this happened. I already had a pre-existing condition and I made it worst… a lot worst… two weeks in a boot worst! Sad day or should I say two weeks.Broken Foot
Hubby and I spontaneously went to Ikea on a “date” and while in the process we scored free lunch (and we were HUNGRY)! I guess during the Memorial Day weekend Ikea had a special… free food with a purchase of over $100. It was perfect timing because we were getting our new bed frame for $100! Super score! Ikea Haul
As of today I just finished my special assignment! I work for my uncle and for a proposal we had to do some historical research. It was so neat finding some treasure! Check out this photo from I think the 40’s or 50’s. Then below that is a Treasury Report from 1906!!! That is over 100 years ago! It was crazy and so surreal! It was a neat project and I enjoyed creating 8 pages of design work using these gems!
LH-Ladies 5 LH image 1

Well folks that is all I got for Bloggers Bliss for the month of May! I am sure I am forgetting something but nonetheless that is the gist of it! Check out posts from this month: Spring Favorites (collaboration with Patty from Make It Cozee) & DIY:Prom Photo Shoot.

Happy June friends (in a few days), stay COOL (especially if you live in the desert like me)!

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Bloggers Bliss – April

Where has April gone?!?! Time is sure passing by fast because I could’ve sworn that I had just written a Bloggers Bliss!BloggerBlissButtonHosted by Meg and Heather.

Let’s just say that April has been quite eventful both with things to rejoice about and other things to mourn about. We have had family friends in the hospital and a dear man who went to be with the Lord. And we also had Easter which was a great reminder of what my Savior Jesus Christ did for my sins!

A friend of my husband and I blessed us with Laker tickets! It was hubby’s first Laker game so it was quite momentous! It so happened that the Lakers were Playing against the Houston Rockets, which happens to be the team the Jeremy Lin Plays for. Hubby and I love Jeremy Lin! Linsanity baby!Laker Game - jlin

My youngest sister in law made a proclamation of her faith in front of our family and church family! We were all so proud of her and pray that she may bear fruit and walk faithfully in the Lord!
(I don’t have a good picture, but yet still worth mentioning!)

Another sweet blessing was the birth of one of my girlfriends baby. My poor friend had such a rough pregnancy, she had severe morning sickness the entire 9 months of her pregnancy. We are thankful that her and baby boy are healthy!Adriel

As for Easter… Hubby and I had a great Easter Service at our church. Later that day we visited one of his grandmothers in LA, then we also did an impromptu visit to see one of my grandmas. We were then serenaded by these cuties, my 4 year old twin cousins singing Frozen songs.

Schedule an appointment at the DMV, it will change your life! I had the most pleasant experience at the DMV as I had to renew my license. I went ahead and scheduled an appointment in the morning and there was an availability for me to come in at 2:30pm that same day. I arrived at 2 because I had to fill out paper work. I sat and waited for 10 mins, then I was helped right away. I was able to get out of the DMV at 2:25pm. That is by far record time! So next time you go, schedule an appointment!DMV

And that is it for April! I still can’t believe how fast it went…. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for May!

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Bloggers Bliss – March

Hello Everyone!

First and foremost I want to thank all of you who have shared, followed, and commented on the blog! I sure am receiving a warm welcome and am truly feeling blessed! Thank you for making the launch of my blog really special to me, and that is why this is my number 1 for this month’s Blogger’s Bliss!


This month had a lot of celebrations, one of them being my Uncle’s wedding! He married the love of his life and the rest is history. It really was a fun and beautiful wedding.Vivar Wedding

I was also honored to be a part of the wedding in means of Cake Pops… all 200 of them! Vivar Cake Pops

Another exciting celebration was celebrating the Lord’s faithfulness in my sister-in-law, Marie’s pregnancy! She wanted to celebrate so she invited my mother-in-law, youngest sister-in-law, and I to this really elegant tea party. It was so much fun and was great to have girl time!Rivera Tea

And saving the best for last (even though I said launching the blog was #1 – this is a different category… hehe). Hubby and I were able to do an impromptu trip to Big Bear! It was such a sweet time! Times like these are extra sweet because we live opposite lives in means of our schedule. I really cherished this trip! I just love this handsome fellow so much! Big Bear

Little side story about this trip… We parked our car and wanted to take a picture of the scenery. Well if you know me I am 1. paranoid (due to being accident prone) and 2. the thought of critters really make me jump. As we were taking a picture I heard something. Then about 50 feet across the way I was staring this fox in the eye (although hubby swears it was a coyote, I beg to differ). My initial thought was to run, then I got hold of my thoughts and realized that might not be a good idea so I briskly walked to the car as I was making really loud noises (figured loud noises works to get the bears away).

So friends that is my Blogger Bliss post for the month of March. I am excited for April because it is going to be a really interesting month for hubby and I. Stay tuned and keep up with this Blissful Bloggers series.. And be sure to link it too if you are a blogger or instagrammer! Just click on the button below and it will send you to Meg’s blog for you link up! BloggerBlissButton

Until next time…

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