Life Update


Wow! Let’s just say that life has been quite the roller coaster. I thought it would be appropriate to give a little life update. Some of you may know that my hubby and I are college sweethearts. When we met he initially wanted to become a doctor. As time passed and research he learned that he didn’t want to be a doctor after all. Instead he wanted to become a Physician Assistant. Since we graduated college Mr.QD has hit the ground running to pursue becoming a PA. He worked countless night shifts in an ambulance and a hospital, and spent an enormous amount of hours studying and taking pre-requisites. Then time came to applying to PA school and months and months of waiting which felt like an eternity to wait to hear back from schools. Hundreds of dollars on applications, rejection letter after another, and many more sacrifices led to a journey.

Now this journey had many sacrifices and challenges. We’ve had to move to another county, be an hour away from our family, move to a place with what felt like an extremely different climate, leave my teaching job, leave our church, leave our ministry, and explore a different career. All of these sacrifices and challenges we thought were made for Mr. QD to get into PA school. Little did we know that it was for the Lord to do a great work on me and Mr.QD both individually and collectively in our marriage.

Looking back to where we were and where we are now, we realize that the Lord had us on a journey to get to know Him better. We experienced a lot of hard things and the Lord taught us so much! These experiences are ones we cherish and wouldn’t trade for the world as these hard seasons really helped us build the foundation of our marriage in Christ.

From 2010 to now 2016 we planned and envisioned our lives to be somewhere else. However, the Lord’s perfect plan and timing is always best. This month Mr.QD has been accepted into PA school! The journey that the Lord has taken him through without a doubt will make him a better PA than the PA he could have been in 2010. We praise the Lord for His great work in our lives in the good and bad times. Everything is all working out for His glory!

This fall we are excited for Mr.QD to not have a life for 2 years and to start his endeavor in becoming a PA. In the coming fall I will also start my grad program which will be a 2 year journey as well. We will both be super busy and we are so excited and nervous all at the same time!

So there you have it folks! We will now be living lives buried in books and writing countless papers (for me). I will still be around to blog so don’t worry!

Until next time…
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