Money money money money…. money!


I know this is a totally random post but in the spirit of supporting a good friend and this amazing finances series she is writing on her blog I thought I’d piggy back off of her and share our story!

For starters Mr. QD and I aren’t really big spenders. We like to think of ourselves to be quite simple. However, I will say that we never spoke about finances before we got married. We breezed through the finances portion of our pre-marital counseling. The only thing we knew going into our marriage was that we had a lot of school debt. We had both come from a private Christian college so that only means double the student loans. Let’s just say that when we go married our first experience with finances was realizing that our monthly student loan payments would be more than our rent.

As newlyweds we had numerous people approach us about this Dave Ramsey guy. To be honest we did not give it the time and day because we thought it was just another multi-level marketing presentation. Little did we know…

It was not until we moved to a different county and a different church when someone we really respected told us about how they were becoming debt free and there was going to be a big celebration. We were curious and then Dave Ramsey’s name was dropped. You would think that would get our attention but nope still not that much interested. It wasn’t until a good friend from our new church was telling me about her life and what her and her family have been going through over the last few years (at the time). Basically they were renting a town home because they had sold their home and many of their belongings to make a huge dent on their debt. Two years later they were able to make a huge dent on their debt!

Finally, we looked into it. If you know Mr. QD well you would characterize him as an all or nothing guy. I on the other hand like to take time to think things through. He read the Total Money Makeover book in a day and started perusing through Dave’s website and utilized the tools on the website. I came home from work one day and he cut our credit cards in my face without even consulting me first! Now, I am sure he will say that he was a little extreme and probably would have handled his excitement a little differently. He kept saying, “Babe we need to move like a gazelle!” If you’ve read Dave’s book you know what that means! But I wasn’t ready.

In the Lord’s perfect providence I lost my job. I was mortified! We already lived on a month to month basis, how were we going to survive? I called Mr. QD in fear that he would be upset and his response was “Sweet! Come Home!” Not the response I was expecting. I think he was at peace with the circumstances for several reasons, one of them trusting in the Lord’s providence and also the perfect excuse to buckle down and have Dave a part of our lives.

Now to preface this we were living in a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment overlooking a golf course! Prior to that as Mr. QD was talking about moving like a gazelle the first thing to go was the apartment and I refused because it was such a beautiful and tranquil place. Yeah let me tell you that the day I lost my job Mr. QD did not hesitate to schedule apartment tours and ready to move out and downsize. I had ran out of excuses to resist Dave. So indeed we moved to a one bedroom apartment is where we still live in until this day. That season of me out of a job I had taken on multiple temp jobs as I signed on with a temp agency and then I had started a dessert catering “business”. That was the hardest yet sweetest season in our marriage (that story will be for another day).

With multiple random odd end jobs Mr.QD stepped it up and was working 2 or 3 jobs and with our income he started snowballing our debt. Even with one income we were able to make a dent in our debt and did not budge once to get a credit card. There were moments where our refrigerator and our kitchen pantry was empty with only rice and beans. The Lord always provided for us and instead on incurring more debt in that season we were able to pay down our debt.

So, where are we now? I will be honest and say that we aren’t snowballing our debt as rigorously as we probably should. However, we are still snowballing our debt in several areas and saving as well. But with all that said, Dave changed my paradigm in how I perceive money. It has changed the way I have shopped and even the way I look at things.

Now, I know this is a really long drawn out post… But stay tuned for my next post on how we do our finances and shopping.

Also, do not forget to check out Patty’s blog on her financial journey!

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