Blogtember Challenge: Day 1 // Meet Dannielle Loise

Hello World!!!
Now I know I say this ALL the time… but boy has it been a while since I have been here!!! But let me tell you that it has been way too long. I took another hiatus for the summer. I just vegged and really relaxed this summer. But I am back and of course life is as crazy as ever. Well in Dannielle fashion I figured, why not populate my life with more things to do! Well I see this as a stress reliever in a sense! So join me as I join the 2015 Blogtember Challenge hosted by Brave Love Blog! Now I will be completely honest with you and tell you that I suck at these kinds of challenges so I cannot promise that I will post everyday, but I will try a minimum on once or twice a week!


Day 1: Introduce Yourself

Now if you are a Quite Dainty reader you might know quite a bit about me. You might already also know about my blogging journey and how I came up with the name Quite Dainty.

So I will spare you those details and just share with you some updates on my life. For starters I just celebrated my 5th year wedding anniversary with my husband (aka hubby or Mr.QD). I will tell you that this year our marriage has been extremely sweet. There are plenty of reasons or things that made it sweet, and that will be another post but in short the sweetness comes from denying yourself for the other.

Aside from celebrating our wedding anniversary I also recently just started the school year. Now for those of you who are new here, I am a second grade teacher in California. I will tell you that I absolutely love my job! you know how they say that teaching is the most rewarding job? Well it is! It is a ton of work and you have to have a lot invested in it but it is worth it! School has started and I have a really sweet group of students this year! I am trying a bunch of new things in my classroom so I look forward to sharing that all with you guys.

Also, let me not forget to mention that this month I have also joined a fitness challenge with my friend Patty from Make It Cozee! Let’s just say it has already been challenging and it’s only been day 2! Fighting a cold has not been the best start… but I will just extend my challenge 2 days!

Lastly, (most importantly) the hubby and I also lead the Junior High group at our church. Now I know I said that teaching is the most rewarding job…. well this is even more rewarding! I absolutely love our kiddos and the girls in our class are amazing! They are the sweetest gals and I learn so much from them! With that said our ministry year is starting up and I cannot wait.

So that is it with introductions. I hope you stay tuned to what is to come with the Blogtember Challenge!

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4 thoughts on “Blogtember Challenge: Day 1 // Meet Dannielle Loise

  1. Leah Van Ert says:

    Hi Dannielle! So nice to meet you. I’m so excited to read your Blogtember posts! I looooove your blog name. It’s so sweet. I was a youth leader for quite a few years at my church too and this is my first year not doing it in a while! I’m probably going to miss it, but my life is SO BUSY right now. Maybe next year!

    • quitedainty says:

      Thanks for stopping by!!! I stopped by your blog and I totally love your blog! I see that you are a newlywed! Oh married life is super fun and at times isn’t easy but it is still fun!

  2. Elena says:

    Dannielle, you have a beautiful blog! Your intro is so sweet and to-the point! I really liked it! Congrats on 5 years of marriage! What a blessing for there to be so much sweetness! And congrats on a new school year! May it be a blessed one!

    P.S. thanks again for stopping by my blog yesterday!

  3. Rachel G says:

    Happy 5 years to you guys! We’re coming up on that anniversary, too! 🙂 Your classroom is adorable. I also work as a teacher, but as a private teacher right now, just for students who come to my home (I live in SE Asia, so after-school tuition is very popular/normal for kids here). And I love teens ministry, too, it’s such a fun age group!

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