3 Time Saving Tips

Time Saving Tips
I am so excited to be posting along side Patty from MakeItCozee today! We’ve been wanting to share some ways in which we are able shave off some time in our weekly routines. So here it goes…

>> 1. Make a GAME PLAN >>
What was helpful to me was listing out all the things I need to accomplish within my week. So mine would be cooking, cleaning, packing lunch for myself and hubby, working out, my teaching job, to list a few. Then I  would figure out which of these things can be done ahead of time or which of these things can I prep for ahead of time. Lastly, I get my calendar and try to figure out when in my schedule things can get done. Now some people invest in cool planners, as for me what I found that works is Google Calendar. I have a calendar for work and for personal life. On my iPhoneI have my work calendar, my personal calendar, and even hubby’s work calendar all synced on my phone. This has been a huge help to both of us when making plans (plus we are aware of each other’s work load).

>> 2. Make a ROUTINE >>
Once I figure out my game plan and prioritize all the things I get done I figure out a routine.

Cooking: I have found meal prepping to be very helpful (to be honest it is a lifesaver). I find one day in the week to go grocery shopping and meal prep (this is usually Sundays).

Cleaning: I create my own weekly cleaning schedule. I stress the importance of creating your own, because for some people the pre-made ones you find on pinterest work, however I find that most of those are for stay at home moms. I found myself stressing out because I couldn’t get everything done on that list. Instead what I did was create my own weekly cleaning routine and made it reasonable for what fit in my life/schedule. I grabbed this free planner from Pinterest and I love it!

Daily Routine: On the free planner I mentioned above, I also pencil in my work outs for the week and other tasks I need to get done for that day.

>> 3. Make a LIST >>
Now if you are like me I love making lists! However, sometimes I write really long lists and I get discouraged. I have found myself to make several smaller lists. For example I have my grocery list. And then I create a daily list (of things to do). I keep it to no more than 5-7 things (the smaller the better). Then I also create a reward system for myself that once I accomplish everything on my list I reward myself! That reward could be a treat or simply could be watching youtube!

Now by no means will I tell you that I am an expert in these things however I am a work in progress. I find that the times that I do stick to these things not only do I save time but also money. Then the most gratifying reward from following these tips is the feeling of accomplishment! Let me know what your Time Saving tips are, I’d love to hear them. Also, do not forget to stop by MakeItCozee to check out Patty’s Time Saving Tips!

Stay tuned for my Cleaning Routine!

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