//May-June 2015//As of lately…

Why hello everyone! Boy has it been a while since I’ve last posted. Life kind of picked up in a whirlwind! This is what I’ve been up to…

As many of you know I am a 2nd Grade teacher. The few months I was just immersed in finishing up the school year, finishing my first year of Induction (clearing my credential), and finishing up writing the math curriculum for my grade level for my district.
End of the year

I’ve also been busy with helping a friend with this awesome Ninja Turtles cake that the bride surprised her groom with! I can’t take credit for the cake, just for the fondant Ninja Turtles! Then the week after this awesome cake my nephew was turning ONE and he had an UP themed first birthday so of course Tita (auntie in Tagalog) had to make his smashcake and cupcakes!


Lately I’ve also been doing much research on essential oils and thought I’d give it a try. Let’s just say I am addicted!!! I absolutely love it! Stay tuned for my essential oils post coming soon!!!Oils

On top of all of that we’ve been preoccupied attending weddings and finishing up the ministry year with our Junior High Sunday School class. Life just kept the hubby and I on our toes! With all that said, I am super duper excited for summer! I plan to be working through summer, preparing for the upcoming school year, and I do have some plans of relaxation, projects, organizing, cleaning, and blogging! So stay tuned!!! Patty (from MakeItCozee) and I have some plans to collaborate this summer on some blog posts! Also I cannot wait to share my Oily (essential oils) journey with all of you!

QD - Floral Signature


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