April Ipsy Unboxing

Why Hello Beautiful!

Today I wanted to share with you my very first Ipsy bag! I had subscribed for the Ipsy bag back in February and was put of the waiting list. I am so excited to have finally gotten my first bag!

First, let me start off by telling you how much I love the products that came in my bag. Take a look at this Flipagram to see a preview of the contents of my bag.

For starters let’s talk about the bag it came in. Isn’t it so cute? The combination of the wicker/hemp with the colors was super cute.

First I want to talk about the Hikari blush. I loved the coral shade of this blush, it is perfect for spring. It is a little lighter and brighter than what I would normally wear but it is a good switch for the spring.
Next up is the LATHER ultra light face lotion. Thankfully this product came in its own ziplock baggie because it exploded in the bag. I wrote Ipsy and thankfully they will be sending me a new one. Thank goodness they are because I love this moisturizer. In the packaging it indicated that it was a non-greasy everyday moisturizer. Indeed it is non-greasy! After application if gives you a matte smoothness feeling!

Then I got this KCO Colors lippy. It is great for everyday use, however it is not super pigmented. The application is very light. I swear Ipsy knows me because the muave tone is totally me. I haven’t quite built up the courage to wear lippy shades other than muave and plum. This lippy was definitely in my comfort zone!
My absolute favorite product in this bag is by far the perfume! This JOR’EL PARKER fragrance in Feminina is just delightful. I do not know how to describe the scent other than sweet and pleasant. It has a slight floral hint to it but not super flowery that is over powering. This was a favorite of Mr.QD as well! I think this is the first scent that we both love!

Last but not least are these fun NUDE Dude eyeshadows in Flirty. First, let us talk about the packaging! I love the graphic on the packaging, it makes me giggle every time. Again talk about Ipsy knowing me so well… This bronzy color is an every day shade that I wear. This eyeshadow has a nice shimmer to it. It is not super pigmented unless applied with a wet brush.

I hope you were just as excited as I was to unbox my first Ipsy bag! So far so good! I was very pleased with the products that was in my bag. I cannot wait for the next bag! I love getting packages in the mail, so this will be so exciting. This Ipsy subscription is actually a birthday gift for my birthday, so I feel like it’s Mr.QD getting me a birthday present every month! It is going to be super fun!

Do you subscribe to Ipsy? If you do, please comment below how you like it? If you don’t, use my referral link to start! Hope you do decide to join in on the fun!

QD - Floral Signature



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