DIY Classroom Passes

Why Hello Everyone!

For starters I wanted to welcome you to a new extension on the blog… the Dainty Classroom! Click on the link to read a little as to what it is or how it came about. If you notice at the top the Dainty Classroom has it’s own button. So check it out!

Alright with that said, I am currently on Spring Break! Woohoo! Let me say that I am just soaking it all in. I definitely am taking the time to rest and catch up on some good quality Zzzz’s!

Today I wanted to share my classroom passes with you. When I started teaching again I decided I wanted some cute bathroom passes. Weird I know, but I guess it was an excuse to get a little crafty. So here it goes…

Wooden Letters (from Walmart)
Spray Paint (from Lowe’s)
White Marker Paint (from Joann’s)
Ribbon (from Joann’s)

All you do is spray paint your letters, then write on your passes. I intended the red to be the Girl’s Pass, the blue to be the Boy’s Pass, and yellow to be the Office Pass.

Bathroom Passes

And here they are hanging in my room by the door. And for some reason my office pass has been MIA.
bathroom passes 2

The best part is that these passes only ended up costing me $5 to make all 3 of them (maybe because I already had all of my spray paint)! SCORE! These were super fun and super quick to make. Hope you like them!

QD - Signature XOXO


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