How the Rain Goes

Hello Everyone… It has been quite a while since I have last posted. As many of you know I just got a full time teaching position, teaching 2nd grade! I am having a blast, not to say that it is exhausting!

Enough about me as I will delve into teaching in another post. But I wanted to share some awesome music with you all! I received an email a few months ago, asking if I’d do a review on a particular album. I was thrilled and honored, so I jumped on the opportunity.

I’d like to introduce you to sweet Brianne of Brianne Kathleen!

This is such a fun and sweet album. I love how her lyrics are so real and honest. It encapsulates so many different feelings and emotions. Brianne Kathleen has worked a ton on this album and as I am sure there are numerous financial burdens in the process she still made it a mission to serve local shelters offering support & safe refuge for women and children seeking safety from domestic violence. She had dedicated to give a portion of the proceeds from her album release to those in need. If her music isn’t convincing enough, her character proves herself true to her genuine lyrics.

I personally know Brianne as we developed a sweet friendship in college. I still will not and cannot forget the genuine connection we had. If you read her bio she describes herself as, “I’m skittish. My heart takes a long time to trust and I will not let people in easily.”  I was so blessed and fortunate to have had her trust and be called one of her confidants. This sweet pretty girl is real and true! Don’t just take my word for it… GO check her out!

Check out her music video below.


Check Brianne out at her album release show..
(My favorite is “Let’s Be Honest”)

Hope you check her out and pick up her album!

QD - Signature XOXO




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