Blogger Bliss: July ~ A New Beginning!

Hello Everyone!
As I always say I apologize for my absence. But since my last post a lot has happened. I finally (after years of prayer), am doing what I love to do. I accepted a full time teaching position! It is still all so surreal! The interview process was intense, I walked out of the interview already feeling ok if I wasn’t offered a position. At the time I interviewed they received about 500 applicants, screen interviewed 300 for only about 20 positions. I thought to myself no way, especially as others had experience in Common Core and I hadn’t really. Long story short I got the job!


I am beyond excited and still have to pinch myself! But from the time I found out up until now I had been working at a Summer Program that I have been teaching at for over 7 years (I think) now. I taught 2nd grade and an Art elective.

Art Class Collage

Now summer program is done for me, I am now in transition to my new teaching position. I will be teaching…


So in result of my new job some of you may have questions or may have already asked me…

What does this mean for the blog?
I will still be blogging but probably not as often as I’d like to but I will continue to blog as time permits, because not only will I be teaching but also clearing my credential.

Will the content of the blog change?
YES and NO. Yes, because a lot of what I blog has a lot to do with what I do and my interest. So I will most likely be blogging about teaching stuff, however I haven’t decided if I will start a separate blog for that or just a separate page (since the types of readers I will attract will obviously be different). NO, because although what I will be doing work wise will be different it doesn’t mean that I stop being me (which is what this blog is about). I still will be wearing make-up, fixing my hair, doing my nails, cooking, etc. However, I might not be crafting as much.

But stay tuned for the adventure! There will be a lot of adjustments in my life over the next few months, but I appreciate your patience thus far. I will say that there are a few products that I will be reviewing soon, so stay tuned for that!

QD - Signature XOXO

Did I mention one of the highlights of my summer?
jlin lakersJeremy Lin will now be playing for the Los Angeles Lakers!!! Ahhhh! Remember how Hubby and I went to a Laker game and the Lakers were playing against the Houston Rockets and I was screaming my heart out for Jeremy Lin and not the Lakers… Well now my loyalties can lie in one place!

I know it is a bit early but I will have this be my Blogger Bliss…


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