Splendid Swap Party: Ericka’s Summer Favorites

Splendid Swap - Graphic Final

Hello all you summer beach bums!

Remember that Splendid Swap Party we were doing? Well the goodies have come in! I am so excited to share with you some of Ericka’s summer favorites!

For starters I was so excited to have received a package from MICHIGAN (that’s my dorky side coming out)!
How sweet is Ericka?!? 1. She sent this sweet note… and 2. She had a nice treat for Maximus too!Splendid Swap

Splendid Swap Party Collage 21. Glade Aruba Wave Candle
This was perfect because I LOVE candles, and this was the perfect summer scent!

2. Gingham Table Napkins
Perfect for those summer picnics!

3. EOS Summer Fruit
Who doesn’t get chapped lips especially during the summer?

4. Essie Peach Daiquiri
It’s like Ericka knows me soo well! I LOVE nail polish and this is such a perfect summer shade.

5. Boots & Barkley Mini Franks
Ericka (or should I say Admiral)ย  is the sweetest by including Maximus in the swap!
Who doesn’t love a hotdog treat in the summer?

6. Journal
A cute notebook to jot down all my summer memories!

Thank you Ericka for swapping with me! You are so sweet and I have truly enjoyed getting to know you better! Tune in to Ericka’s blog at Erickamaire87.blogspot to see my summer favorites!

Feel free to show us your favorite summer items on INSTAGRAM…. just hashtag #SplendidSwapParty

Check out the other linkups for this Splendid Swap Party on the icon below…

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4 thoughts on “Splendid Swap Party: Ericka’s Summer Favorites

  1. Meg says:

    What a great package! I looove anything Essie and I have that same EOS balm and love the tropical smell ๐Ÿ™‚ I loved seeing what Ericka got you, too!

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