the soul // DON’T COMPARE

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Today I want to share some food for thought. This is something that has been tugging at my heart.


: to say that (something) is similar to something else

: to look at (two or more things) closely in order to see what is similar or different about them or in order to decide which one is better

: to be as good or as bad as something else : to be on the same level or in the same category as something else

Take a look at this graphic I made and ponder over it…Compare.jpg

I believe that often times in life there has been one point or another where we have wither compared ourselves to someone else, or better yet compared someone else to ourselves. It is human nature to compare ourselves to others, sometimes as a point of reference of where our goals are made. Sometimes we compare ourselves to others as a way of self pity. Now if we flip that around to comparing ourselves to others it is done out of pride, basically that we are better than them or that they ought to be like us.

Regardless, I have found this not to be profitable. I know that at times I have been guilty of this, and truly I have only seen it bring sorrow as opposed to joy. I think that we ought to stop comparing and truly be content and grateful for the life we’ve been given. To enjoy it and make it worthwhile! And don’t compare and just be the “fearfully and wonderfully made” (psalm 139:14) being that the Lord has made you to be.


Thank you for stopping by today… hope this encourages your heart today!

QD - Signature XOXO


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