DIY: Prom Photo Shoot

I recently had the privilege to shoot my hubby’s cousin’s prom!

DIY Prom Photo ShootAt first I was quite nervous and intimidate at the thought of shooting such a momentous moment for several reasons…
(1). I am not a professional photographer
(2). What if I don’t get good shots
(3). I feel like I have no clue what I am doing.

But thankfully I had to remind myself of a few things…
(1). You have some photography skills under your belt, so relax
(2). With the power of the internet you can learn how to do anything nowadays
(3). Seriously what is Pinterest for?

After I got over that hump the first thing I did was go on Pinterest. I created a board title Prom Pictures and on that board I pinned ideas of how to pose the couple. This was helpful in so many ways! And on the day of I just pulled up the board on my phone and was able to show the couple which poses they liked.

As for the technical aspect of photography there were a few sites I visited to brush up on some skills. Check out my Pinterest board titled Photogenic to check out the sites I visited. But I will share this as my favorite..DIY ReflectorIt is a DIY Reflector! This came in handy so much! I actually made one however I forgot it at home. Thankfully I had a white envelope in my car so I ended up using that. But the concept makes perfect sense.

The key is to figure out your ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture. This is a wonderful tutorial by! I would try to explain it but she does such a fantastic job of doing so in her site.

As for editing I just used PicMonkey! Picmonkey logo
It is FREE and super user friendly! On PicMonkey you can crop, add filters, add text, adjust the exposure, and so much more! They also have the “Royal” version which comes with really cute fonts, advanced editing perks, and so much more.If you click on this link you get to try “Royal” for free for a day!

Here are a few of their poses…
(the photographs are cut off because of this collage)
Prom Collage 1

Here is your typical prom photo…

So all in all, if I can do it then you can do it! No need to be intimidated, especially since we are in the youtube, google, pinterest generation. Do a little research and then dive right in! Most importantly don’t be afraid and just have fun!

QD - Signature XOXO

Feel free to click on the photos to get a better look…


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