Bloggers Bliss – April

Where has April gone?!?! Time is sure passing by fast because I could’ve sworn that I had just written a Bloggers Bliss!BloggerBlissButtonHosted by Meg and Heather.

Let’s just say that April has been quite eventful both with things to rejoice about and other things to mourn about. We have had family friends in the hospital and a dear man who went to be with the Lord. And we also had Easter which was a great reminder of what my Savior Jesus Christ did for my sins!

A friend of my husband and I blessed us with Laker tickets! It was hubby’s first Laker game so it was quite momentous! It so happened that the Lakers were Playing against the Houston Rockets, which happens to be the team the Jeremy Lin Plays for. Hubby and I love Jeremy Lin! Linsanity baby!Laker Game - jlin

My youngest sister in law made a proclamation of her faith in front of our family and church family! We were all so proud of her and pray that she may bear fruit and walk faithfully in the Lord!
(I don’t have a good picture, but yet still worth mentioning!)

Another sweet blessing was the birth of one of my girlfriends baby. My poor friend had such a rough pregnancy, she had severe morning sickness the entire 9 months of her pregnancy. We are thankful that her and baby boy are healthy!Adriel

As for Easter… Hubby and I had a great Easter Service at our church. Later that day we visited one of his grandmothers in LA, then we also did an impromptu visit to see one of my grandmas. We were then serenaded by these cuties, my 4 year old twin cousins singing Frozen songs.

Schedule an appointment at the DMV, it will change your life! I had the most pleasant experience at the DMV as I had to renew my license. I went ahead and scheduled an appointment in the morning and there was an availability for me to come in at 2:30pm that same day. I arrived at 2 because I had to fill out paper work. I sat and waited for 10 mins, then I was helped right away. I was able to get out of the DMV at 2:25pm. That is by far record time! So next time you go, schedule an appointment!DMV

And that is it for April! I still can’t believe how fast it went…. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for May!

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4 thoughts on “Bloggers Bliss – April

  1. Meg says:

    I can’t believe April is already over!! Thanks so much for linking up! Your cousins and your friend’s baby are ADORABLE!! I wish our state did DMV appointments! I had to transfer my registration and license from one state to another a couple of months back and it took FOREVER!! haha

  2. Heather @ From Here to There says:

    So sorry to hear about your loss! I’m thankful you had plenty of blessings throughout the month though to comfort you! That precious baby is adorable and I am smiling ear to ear from their Frozen performance! She has the little parts down pat (hey there joan, tick tock tick tock!) oh, I love it!! Thanks so much for linking-up with us!! 🙂

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