Influenster: Sargento Ultra Thin

Sargento 2 Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday! Sorry for my absence as life just happened. Today I wanted to share with you what I received in my Influenster VOXBOX.

First they sent me a voucher for a free package of the new Sargento Ultra Thin Slices. This was perfect timing because hubby and I had just recently planned to pack more sandwiches for lunch aside from packing left overs from the night before. We decided to do this as a means to save money. How you ask? Well it is more cost effective to pack sandwiches for lunch as opposed to spending more money on ingredients for meals. So when we do have left overs we will be saving it for the night after as opposed to having it for lunch.

IMG_3497As for the product, Willie and I loved it! My favorite part is the fact that it was Ultra Thin. I loved it because in my sandwiches the cheese wasn’t overpowering, in fact it complimented the sandwich perfectly! We decided to get the pepper jack one and it had the perfect amount of zing to it! This is a must try, and totally recommend it! With a rewards card it was $3.99 and it came with 18 slices, not bad!

But not only did they send me the voucher but they also sent me this super cute new lunch bag! Sargento 3

Now how fun is that! Got it from InfluensterYou too can get perks like these by signing up at Influenster!

QD - Signature XOXO

[I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.]


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