Woodland Baby Strip Quilt

Hello everyone! I have missed you all as I have been busy with jury duty and sewing some homemade gifts for some friends and family that are expecting babies! Today I wanted to share this quilt I made my nephew. I made this a few weeks back. My brother and sister in law are very outdoorsy people and to match their interests they have decided to make their nursery a woodland theme. To match I decided to surprise them with this quilt…

Woodland Quilt

This quilt was so much fun to make and it was not hard to make but it was time consuming.

I do have a few tips when it comes to making a strip quilt…
#1: My advice to anyone is that if you plan on making a quilt I recommend using a walking foot!!! It will save you soooo much time! Thankfully a really good friend of mine lent me her machine that way I can use her walking foot.
#2: Be sure to pre-wash all of your fabric!#3: I prefer to use cotton batting.
#4: Layout your fabric pieces before sewing it together then take a picture of it so you don’t forget!
#5: For a strip quilt first sew the strips together first. Then I sew the woodland strip with the wood grain strip. You then end up having two strips together (one wood grain & one woodland to make one fat strip). Then I piece it together from there.

quilt layout

As for the fabric I strategically picked it. The woodland with some polka dots. Then when I found the wood grain printed fabric and I knew that it was a must. Then for the back I used flannel with a flannel print (my brother in law loves flannel shirts so it was a must)! Then to “bind” the quilt I just made my own “bias tape” (it wasn’t cut at a bias). I so happened to score on the same polka dot print as the green fabric but instead in blue. It was a great color choice to finish off the quilt.

Here is my sister in laws reaction to opening her quilt. Her reaction is so precious!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to email me at quitedainty@gmail.com if you have any questions.
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