COLD BUSTER WEEK: When life gives you ORANGES…

Orange Juice Graphic

I don’t know about you but I know for myself that when I am sick all I crave is ORANGE JUICE and fruit. Luckily, the week before we were sick we just went orange picking at a family friend’s house. Now if you live in our city you know for sure that we are all about oranges. We are known for our oranges in the country apart from Florida. I love it! It is ridiculously cheap to buy oranges in our city because we have a ton of orange groves. My favorite part is the smell of the blossoms on the orange trees. It is the most fragrant smell ever!

But back to the story hubby and I went orange picking and so we had bags and bags of oranges. They were so yummy so I couldn’t resist to make orange juice! It was perfect timing because we got sick and we had OJ in hand! Fresh squeezed that is! So if you get a chance to, you out to get your vitamin C in with some freshly squeezed OJ!

Thanks for stopping by for my quick COLD BUSTER post! See the others here (Teriyaki Chicken Udon Soup) and here (Sleep Tight:Even with a Cold).

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Cold Buster Week



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